Nazra Journal..

As i wrote on 29th Feb.08

my mom and sister now watching Gerak Khas drama. i dont know what the attraction to that drama, but bcoz of there are no more tv station other than rtm 1 and rtm 1, that's the only things that they can enjoy for =p

if our family want to watch others such as tv3,8tv..we need to buy another tv channel..too bad that currently i dont have enough money to buy it :(my money dissapeared in just blink of an eye :(

well,tomorrow i dont have to work. i took emergency MC..haha :Pmy mate took MC first at all..her family want to do some banquet..but then i took MC too..dont want to handle PLKN trainee all by myself! :(
tomorrow i also can see my niece..curious about this..lovely baby :)hope my cousin will arrive at my home as early as she can :P the evening of tomorrow too, i need to go to bcoz on Sunday i need to attend job carnivala way for me to find a job!! :Phope there's something good there..really hope so..all the best for UMI NAZRAH!chaiyok chaiyok :P

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