Thank You. Terima Kasih. Xie Xie. Arigato.

Kalau aku berada di Amerika, Mexico atau London sekarang, pasti aku akan dapat meningkatkan lagi tahap penguasaan Bahasa Inggeris aku. Aku harap juga kalau aku dapat tercampak ke negara Mediterranean ataupun negara-negara di Lautan Pasifik kerana pasti aku akan terpaksa bercakap dalam English.

Selain tu, pasti aku akan untung sehari (ye ke Umi Nazrah?). Ini bertepatan dengan wujudnya jarak masa antara Malaysia dan negara di Lautan Pasifik sana. Walaubagaimanapun, rasanya belum terlambat untuk aku ucapkan TERIMA KASIH kepada para penduduk di Malaysia, negara tempat aku dilahirkan........khasnya untuk para blogger Malaysia kerana pada 16 April 2009 adalah "Blog Reader Appreciation Day".

Objectif hari tersebut adalah untuk:
Bloggers thank and celebrate readers with special tributes, posts, contests, and give-aways.

Bloggers depend on loyal readers but rarely thank them. Blog Reader Appreciation Day gives bloggers a chance to pour on the love!

Jadi terima kasih semua!


  1. amilrash - kalau tuisyen free, sya nak la.

  2. Ooo.. blog appreciation day..

  3. ala..tak tahu pun wujudnya benda ni..takpe lah next year ada lagi hehehee

  4. betul ko ckp tu..tapi kt span...dia org lgsung tk pandai B.I

  5. Thanks for participating in Blog Reader Appreciation Day. You rock!

  6. Hi Nazra
    You do not need to be in America, Mexico or London in order to improve on the level of your competency in english. Just stay here in M'sia and move your mind instead....The key is usage, more usage & more frequent usage of english. Use english at the slightest opportunity, with your friends, when conversing over the telephones, in your writings, one full english posting a month in your blogs maybe etc. Keep on pushing yourself to use english and in no time you'll be surprised with the results. Once you know something, use it otherwise you'll lose it. The other thing is you've got to build up the confidence level in using english but this will improve if you are persistent and willing to improve on it and it takes a little bit of time. First you crawl, then you stand up and then you walk and then you decide whether or not you want to run faster thereafter. Final advice, always have a good dictionary nearby in order to improve on the vocabulary & spelling. There's even no harm in making a habit to read & learn a few english words a day rather than spending unnecessary time reading the entertainment magazines which only offers nothing else but entertainment only, not even anything intellectual at all. Sorry to say this as our local people are getting too much doses of entertainment already. How are we going to improve ourselves if we ourselves are not making effort to improve ourselves? We just can't wait for others to help us. we must do it ourselves or risk being relegated into the dustbin of history. Wah bukan main serious lagi, that's me sis.

  7. Salam Nazra,

    Kak tie lagi la tak pandai english ni. Sejak tak kerja , dah lebih 20 tahun tu, langsung sumbang bila berbahasa English.

  8. wsalam k.tie. takpa bleh praktis dgn anak2 kan ^_^

  9. I agree with the bluesman. To learn english, You don't have to go to or live in the countries that use english as their primary language.
    May be for the first little step to improve your english, you can write articles for your blog content in english.

    Kami di Indonesia juga tidak terbiasa menggunakan bahasa inggris dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Makanya bahasa inggris-ku acak-acakan kaya ini.

    But I'v forced my self to use english in every chance i can use it.

    Salam dari Indonesia...

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