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As I wrote on 14/03/0811:48
another boring day, i thought..there's nothing important i did on this day..just being as a housewife for a while..just for this moment, i keen to watch anak pontianak series. 4 episodes more to goes..and i haven't yet watch heroesseason 2 series..

now i'm already finished watch anak pontianak series! happy with it..and right how i can't wait to look further for its sequence. hope i can watch it ASAP..

curretly i received a call from KL..very formal sentences from the caller so i thought it was about an interview, a job orwhatever that is related..yes, an interview arrangement.but unfortunately it was only a joke from one of my "virtual" friend. he called me from his place..arghhhh just like "wakenabeb" that once was aired on tv..and i'm one of it contestant this evening! but at least, he give me one oppurtinity to try in for a job..thanks lalanz for the address =]

i feeling tired watching political "drama" as reported on news. Malaysian have to admit that this year general electionmakes everyone shocked with the results. but nevertheless, general election are from Malaysian, to Malaysian..Malaysianare given an oppurtinity to voice out what they want and they already did it, so accepted it with an open minded..

the sleepy mode are now influence my mood and i take an action to go for a bed instead..

I either can't sleep or SMS with boring..

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