Nazra Journal

as i wrote on 23/03/08
i dont know when but yet i still believe that when the full moon (15th on Muslim calendar) comes around, my throat are hardlyin pain. then i start to tell myself that maybe this incident are just a coincidence at all. but what can i expect more..nothing.Just some wish to release my pain with taking some Strepsils..

as i wrote on 24/03/03taking a steps ahead to relaxs on my own.1)be in my bedroom (although my mum said that it was mess just like a snake nest - her's favourite word)2)lying down and sleeping away on my bed (but i do enjoy sleeping on the rubber mat as the coldness that can be feel)3)taking a fresh air with some lemon ice at the back yard (also be an orchard where also have 'durian' tress)

as i wrote on 25/03/03i think in the next general election, kedah might be point out as one of a state to replacing kelantan when news about reporting about state management's problem occur. there have other states too, for sure. but because kedah are in the list of the poorest states in Malaysia. the clip must be showing problems occur at kedah or rural people still strive to survive or work. just like what happento kelantan before the 8th Mac recently.
'tidak ku sedar bila mana ia brkembang, tidak ku gapai emosi yg sedang brkembang. namun ku tahu saat mana kamu trletak elok dlmcaturan hatiku. tak mgkin puput tiap yg brlaku walau trpisah jauh dua hati'

as i wrote on 27:03:08i've received SPA letter notified me about an examination that have to been taken on 05/04/08..and truly speaking, i've forgotany knowledge about general knowledge, although i've studied it for my STPM. by hook or by crook, i need to study it again. verypoor on me..

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