The "world" of my briefcase~

Actually, it is not a briefcase but as i carry it to the office, i called it myself as a "briefcase" :P
The important "thing" that are important that i must bring along with me are :
(and please, don't be shock! :P )

  • my purse
  • my Nokia phone
  • my compact powder
  • my silky girl eyeliner
  • my enchanteur mini perfume
  • my Nokia phone charger
  • my pendrive
  • my silkygirl blusher
  • my Maybelline lipstick
  • my mentholatum lip balm
  • my eyeshadow
  • my colgate toothpaste
  • my colgate toothbrush
  • my Premium tissue
  • my small towel
  • my water "dispenser"
  • my Acer

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