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As i wrote on 26th February 2008
11.30 am
After a long time i've not spent my time in writing my journal..but this is no-format-journal =]i just do it my way..typing what i like to..h0h0Today i dont have to work. PLKN trainee went to camping for 3D2N..what a beautiful day i have =]but there a lot of resume n cover letter i need to do..n to surfing n filling online form application..arghhhh..feel depressed to think about itplus with the cc condition that full with kids playing games online..makes me more depressed..
i wonder how a person can live in a place that are more interior than me..a place that dont have any mobile signal..i'm glad that although i live near but not-too-near to the town, i still can survive..erm..i thought so =]but not to condemn my life..just something feeling frustating with my own life =punfortunately, i have to thankful on what i have right now..comparing to the countary that have to fight for their own rights=]

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