Hilary Duff - All access (2008)

In this album, Hillary Duff done a great job by experimenting many varieties of music instruments. This is sure for Gypsy Woman, which more sounds like Middle East sounds and a little bit Latin and I love this album! :snow20:

1 With love (Live)
2 Why not (Live)
3 The getaway (Live)
4 Stranger (Live)
5 So yesterday (Live)
6 Play with fire (Live)
7 Our lips are sealed / Why not / So Yesterday (Live)
8 Never stop (Live - Radio City Music Hall)
9 Despedida Hilary Duff
10 Mix
11 Gypsy woman (Live)
12 Dignity (Live)
13 Come clean (Live)
14 Beat of my heart / Our lips are sealed (Live - Radio City Music Hall)

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