Boost for east coast

THE East Coast Economic Region launched yesterday aims to propel Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang into development powerhouses by 2020.

Regional kickstart: Abdullah delivering his keynote address during the launch of the East Coast Economic Region in Kuala Terengganu Monday. — Reuters

  • Overall, RM112bil in investments in 227 projects by GLCs, the private sector, the Federal Government and privately funded initiatives.

  • A special RM6bil allocation made for several high-impact projects.

  • Target industries include tourism, oil and gas, animal husbandry, furniture manufacturing, rubber wood timber forests and education.

  • Two million jobs to be created from the present 1.4 million in ECER.

  • Hope the rural places can be modernized with this plan. and i hope so that not only the urban place that giving more and more modernization,but give it fair to the rural people. they deserve to have more suitable life in this up grown country..

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