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Tegan and Sara - The Con (2007) Tegan Raine and Sara Keirsten Quin were born in Calgary, Alberta, on September 19th, 1980. Tegan, who's labret piercing makes it easy to tell the identical twins apart, is the older of the two by eight minutes.

They both studied piano as kids, but didn't get serious about music until they were about 15 when Tegan fell ill and Sara picked up a guitar that their mother's boyfriend had left laying around at their house. They taught themselves to play guitar and almost immediately began writing their own music.

According to an interview on Finnish radio, they took advantage of the facilities in their high school to begin recording and selling their work. As for live performance, they initially performed at local parties. In their own words, "We started playing guitar when we were 15, and we called ourselves PLUNK. We were kind of wussy punk [no drums or bass] and we were really bad. We had really funny garage band parties until some guy broke our P.A. Our mom wouldn't fix it and so PLUNK became Tegan and Sara."

They made their first big splash onto the Canadian music scene in 1998 with the highest score ever in Calgary's Garage Warz Battle of the Bands. They used their prize, studio-time, to record a demo album, the Yellow Demo. Two more demo tapes were recorded under the band name Sara and Tegan. The Red Demo and the Orange Demo. [See the Discography for track listings.]

They released their (independent) debut album, Under Feet Like Ours under the name Sara and Tegan in August of 1999. This album has been re-printed twice under the name Tegan and Sara (once with the song Frozen added as a bonus track).

As for the name change Tegan says, "When we called ourselves Sara and Tegan, it didn't work because of they way our names blended together. 'Sarandtegan.' So we switched to Tegan and Sara. It wasn't like all of a sudden I had to have my name in front. It was just easier to pronounce that way.''

In early 2000 they were signed by Neil Young's manager, Elliott Roberts, to Neil Young's label, Vapor Records. Working with producer Hawksley Workman, they released This Business Of Art in July 2000 and its follow-up, If It Was You, was released in August 2002. If It Was You was produced by John Collins and Dave Carswell who had previously worked with The New Porngraphers, the Smugglers, and the Evaporators, and with its release Tegan and Sara added musicians Chris Carlson (bass) and Rob Chursinoff (drums) to the band. 2004 saw the release of So Jealous and an increase in mainstream popularity for the band who scored a slot opening for The Killers. With So Jealous, Tegan and Sara again teamed up with producers John Collins and Dave Carswell and also added Ted Gowans (guitar, keyboard) to the band. 2007 will bring the release of The Con produced by Christopher Walla (Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists) and features Jason McGerr (Death Cab), Hunter Burgan (AFI), and Matt Sharp (Weezer, The Rentals). The Con opened to rave reviews across North America and is the first Tegan and Sara album to break the Billboard Top 40 - coming in at #34 during the first week of August 2007.

As for personal musical influences, Tegan says they grew up with a lot of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell being played in their house. Their musical tastes include U2, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, and Phil Collins, as well as much punk music.

Over the years, Tegan and Sara have played with the Lilith Fair Tour, and opened for such notables as Neil Young, the Pretenders, Rufus Wainwright, Bryan Adams, Joan Osborne, The Killers, and Ryan Adams. They've headlined countless shows, touring extensively in Canada and the United States, and to a lesser extent in Europe and Japan.

Tegan currently lives in Vancouver, BC.
Sara currently lives in Montreal, QC.
  1. I was married
  2. relief next to me
  3. the con
  4. knife going on
  5. are you ten years ago
  6. back in your head
  7. hop a plane
  8. soil, soil
  9. burn your life down
  10. nineteen
  11. floor plan
  12. like O, like H
  13. dark come soon
  14. call it off

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