Allahyarham Harris

allahyarham mohd harris

the memory still remains..and i hope it will always be the never ending memories

in early of this morning,
my house mate received a call..
one of our classmate had a sudden death
every1 shocked
every1 never believed it..
last 2days in the e-commerce class Harris..always known as "macha" like himself as usual.
he like to make fun and others will giggle to his joke..
but that is the last time we giggle to his joke..
this morning, when we visited his corpse at the Batu Pahat hospital,
our tears cannot be hold any longer..
as soon as we saw his corpse, eye drop falls uncontrollability
all memories that we had with him are screening in our mind
a very deeply condolence..
~rest in peace..

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