DPM: Find new markets

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia needs to increase its participation in new and rapidly growing economic areas while enhancing activities in which it was already strong to be a global leader, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said. The Deputy Prime Minister said business outsourcing, logistics, health and transport were some of the drivers of Malaysia’s future growth.

He said activities that the country needed to further enhance were tourism, education services and Islamic finance.
“It is important for us to take cognizance that in this new global setting, our greatest challenge perhaps is to sail into blue oceans which means we need to find new and uncontested markets where we can be leaders,” he said at the opening of the second Prime Minister-Women’s Institute of Management Biennial Lecture 2007 entitled Beyond Budget Malaysia 2007 – The Economic, Trade and Financial landscape, Malaysian and Asian Perspectives here yesterday.
Najib said mastery of technology either through acquisition or creation would determine the country’s competitiveness.

He added sharpening Malaysia’s competitiveness was a task that must be shared by everybody: manufacturers, business community, service providers, employers, employees, civil servants and the Government.

source : the star

~such a wonderful if people can work together to achieve the same mission and vision.really hope all Malaysian can be like that.lets gain the right that Malaysian are.we have to realize that we have given too much for the foreign workers.some a good workers-thats give a benefit,no doubt.but the not one?hmmm...

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