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Origami is a Japanese word which comes from the words ori (to fold)
and kami or gami (paper). It is in Japan that the art first originated,
some 1400 years ago.In its purest form, origami can be defined as
the art of manipulating a paper square without being cut, pasted,
decorated or mutilated in any way; it may only be folded.
This restrictive rule makes origami the most refined of all paper arts,
but therein lies its beauty and appeal.In Japan, it is divided into
two categories - the making of no shi, decorations attached to gifts,
and the making of plant, animal and human figures. Since the last
world war, Origami has become incredibly popular in the West.

Project: Butterfly

You will need a square piece of paper for this traditional Origami design.

Step 1: Make horizontal and vertical mountain creases.

Step 2: Make diagonal valley folds.

Step 3: With DC on the table and AB up in the air, place your fingers
behind E and F and pull them up and inward...

Step 4: this, so that they lie together in the middle of edge DC...

Step 5: this. Note how A lies on D and B on C.

Step 6: Turn the triangle upside down and fold the bottom
corner up to the top edge.

Step 7: Fold in the bottom corners as shown.

Step 8: Unfold the corners.

Step 9: Fold the bottom corners in again, but this time crease
only the inner layers. Much of the crease is hidden inside the outer layer.
Look at step 10.

Step 10: Pull down the top layer triangles.

Step 11: Make a central mountain crease, then the two valley
creases in the shape of a V, on one either side of the mountain.
This pinches the center of the butterfly to create a raised body
and separates the lower wings.

Step 12: The complete butterfly!

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