New Material Absorbs Light Completely And Generates Electricity

A partnership between Duke University and Boston College turned out to be very beneficial for the science world, as they obtained a metamaterial that absorbs all the light it gets (yes, it becomes invisible) and that is supposed to generate energy more efficiently than the solar cells.

I trust you got stuck on the ‘invisibility’ part, eh? To break the expectations, no, you can’t use it as a camouflage to do whatever silly thing you were thinking about. The metallic material absorbs both the magnetic and electrical properties of electromagnetic waves over a certain frequency range, thus turning the light into heat.

The fact that science still finds new ways to produce electricity is laudable, but in the same time, it shows us that we have much to learn and that many unexploited areas of science are waiting to be unveiled. Meanwhile, it will surely be interesting to see how this discovery will evolve.

source : devicedaily

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