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Sharing with you five basic ways, used by many other bloggers, to get your traffic boosted.

If you want to earn something out of your blog, then traffic is the key. We have seen and read many success stories on how blogs can generate substantial amount of income every month, but we don't really know how they do it. Now I am going to share with you a few things that these successful bloggers will do.

Join Blog Communities

What are blog communities? Blog communities are sites that let bloggers submit their blogs and share their blogs online. The initial idea of a blog community is to allow bloggers to share and make friends online. However, most bloggers use them more as a platform to promote their sites and gain more traffic. There are many of these blog communities around, BlogCatalog, myBlogLog and Entrecard are just some of them. You can Google for more if you want to. However, joining them is not enough; you have to make your presence felt in these communities. Taking part in their forum discussions is one of the ways that you can make yourself stand out from the background.

Make New Friends

Apart from promoting yourself on those blog communities, another important thing to do is to make more friends. It is particularly useful to befriend with bloggers who blog on similar topics as you. You can then share your ideas and exchange links with them. And they will be more likely to visit your site and give your traffic a boost, since you share similar interests with them. They might then become a faithful group of readers who will frequent your blog.

Blog on Specific Topics

Most successful bloggers don't blog on everything, they blog on one or a few topics that they are good at. These types of blogs attract readers who want to learn something. Readers will more likely come from search engines. Since they are here to learn something, your blog got to be useful to them to keep them coming. So make sure you have what it takes to blog on specific topics.

Blog on Fun Stuffs

What if your blog is a general blog, just like mine? Then you have to target another segment of the readership market. There are a large number of people who read blogs to kill time. In order to attract this group of people, your blog have to be attractive. Your blog need to be at least fun to read. Add in some humor and pictures to spice up your entries. Try not to blog on monotonous stuffs like your daily working life. They will bore your readers and most likely, they won't return again. Other good things to blog on will be popular topics and current top searches, you can get to know what is popular right now on Yahoo Buzz and Google Trends.

Leave Your Traces

When you went to a blog and find it fun, leave a comment for the author. You must also leave your link on the site, so that the author will visit your blog as well. And if he/she happens to find your blog fun, he/she might be back again and even link to your blog on a blog roll. Leaving comments on popular blogs are particularly useful as more readers will get to see your link and therefore increasing your blog's exposure further. When fellow bloggers visit your site and left a comment, be sure to reciprocate and visit their blogs as well. You may want to drop a thank you note or something to acknowledge his/her visit.

There are many other ways to boost your blog traffic, but the above are what many bloggers have done to boost their traffic. If you have not done so, it is time for you to do them.

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