A new search engine that fights climate change!

For every 1000 searches made, Ecocho grows 2 trees
- this offsets a ton of greenhouse gases.
We pay for the trees via ads on the site.

Use Yahoo technology and start eco-searching!

Ecocho is a free service, and it's one of the easiest ways people can change everyday behaviour to make a positive impact on the environment.

It allows you to search the web using your favourite search engine technology (Yahoo) and reduce greenhouse gases as you do it.

  • Each time you use ecocho as your search engine, you'll be helping to slow climate change.

  • How? For every 1000 searches that users make on, two trees will be grown to offset carbon pollution emissions

  • Switching to doesn't alter or slow your search. Search results are displayed via technology you already know and trust - Yahoo!

  • is the world's first known search engine that enables users to offset their own carbon emissions for free

  • is an international initiative to reduce global warming. The service is multi-lingual and is being rolled out globally.

  • Trees are grown via official Government-accredited projects.

  • KPMG will run quarterly and final year-end audits on the amount of carbon credits purchased and "retired" by ecocho

  • Yahoo has given its full support to the project, contributing the search results for the site

  • Now everyone can help reduce global warming by switching to as their internet search engine

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