Ray - So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia

I love watching this "game" and i like Ray the most. He seems like "Hang Tuah" in M.Nasir version (herk, is this realistic? for me,yes). Further more, his specifications in traditional dance make he seem very much to "Hang Tuah" in M.Nasir version. Here his profile

Ray Redzuan Bin Awang

Date of Birth: 7 July 1979, 28 years old
Place of Birth: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Education: SPM
Occupation: Cultural Arts Dancer at Istana Budaya (full-time) & a part-time dance instructor
Type of Dancer: Traditional and cultural

What are your reasons for joining So You Think You Can Dance?

I feel that I have talent and therefore I would like showcase that talent. To test how far I am able to go in this competition. I would like to be the winner of this competition.

Have you ever entered any similar competition? If yes, what are they and what are your accomplishments in the competition?

I was the runner-up for the Modern Dance Group Category in Sabah.

Do you have any dance idols?

Many but no particular favourites.

How long have you been dancing?

I have been dancing since I was in primary school up till today, so all in all about 18 years.

What interest you to take up dancing?

Arts and culture has been in my family for many years. Hence, dancing has been part of my life ever since childhood. Dancing to me gives me a sense of freedom and self-satisfaction.

How far do you see yourself in this competition?

I would love to win this competition, this would be a bonus to me. This competition would also be the beginning of my dancing career.

What are your hopes and goals?

Positively, I would like to say that I am here to win.

Did you try out for SYTYCD season 1? Did you get through the first time?

Yes, I did but did not make it through to boot camp.

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