A friend of mine, Salise, asked me, why i don't put something "about me" in mine blog. I want to, but when i have an idea, i have a bunch of it. Unfortunately when i started to "write", i seems forgot everything!
Actually, me myself like to eat. i don't know why i love to eat. But i just don't eat food in greedy manner. I like to feels the food smells, food colors, food ingredients, etc. Maybe that make me eat slower than others!
My weight currently are 60kg. Makes me glad for a second, because i'm still in the normal BMI range, thankfully.
Due to my "large" appetites, i also enjoy cooking. Especially tomyam! I can eat in everyday, without feeling bored. I also love to eat Laksa Asam. This food can really make me crazy!
Moreover, i do enjoy durian! Back to my hometown now, it is durian time! I really enjoy it because i can eat as much as i can. The trees also are at my bakcyard



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