8tv July Newbies ads song

At last, i finally managed to get the 8tv July Newbies ads song! The song name is "That's Not My Name" sang by The Ting Tings.

The Ting Tings are an English indie-pop band, consisting of two members: Jules De Martino (drums, guitar, vocals) and Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drum). They were originally from Leigh. They formed in 2006 while based at Castle Irwell, Salford. They have released 3 singles on their current label Columbia Records and the single "That's Not My Name" which charted straight at Number 1 in the UK Singles Chart on May 18 2008.The album We Started Nothing was released on May 19th, 2008 and also charted at Number 1 in the UK.

Born on a pig farm outside Manchester, Katie White first appeared as a teenager in girl group TKO - short for Total Knock Out[citation needed]. The band consisted of Katie and two friends, Joanne Leeton and Emma Lally.

This earlier experience left White and De Martino with a distrust of the music industry, so when they formed The Ting Tings - named after a Chinese colleague of White's at a boutique, who told her the name meant "an old bandstand[3]" in Mandarin. It has since come up that in Japan, where they have achieved considerable success their name means "cute, small penis". The band started out playing private parties at The Mill, Salford (a building that is home to artists and emerging creative ventures dealing in everything from fine art to theatre and film).The Mill gigs ended up as some of the most sought after tickets on the Manchester party scene - with various A&R reps and record producers, such as American Rick Rubin who worked for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Johnny Cash, asking for tickets.

"That's Not My Name" is the second single by British dance-pop duo The Ting Tings from their debut studio album We Started Nothing. The song was originally released as a double A-side with "Great DJ" by independent record label Switchflicker on May 28, 2007. After heavy promotion and support from BBC Radio 1 and the NME, the single was re-released individually on May 12, 2008 on Columbia Records.

"That's Not My Name" went to number one in the UK Singles Chart on May 18, 2008, seeing off competition from well-established acts like Rihanna, Madonna and will.i.am.The following week, however, the single was replaced by Rihanna's single "Take a Bow" at number one.

The single received favourable reviews from critics upon re-release, with the NME describing it as "no-flab electro-pop nugget", while Q Magazine described it as "a snatch of Hey Mickey-style handclaps and a gobbily staccato vocal, stitched together to fashion a groove that’s as instant and familiar".[4] Digital Spy compared the single to a "well-shaken can of cola", and added "[the track is] brimming with sticky, yummy, fizzy goodness".

Music videos

The song has two music videos. The first features Jules and Katie (the band members) on a white background performing the song on a set, with interferring scenes of Katie with blue and pink backgrounds. This was the video that was used to promote the song and album upon its 2007 release. Columbia produced a 2008 video, with two different versions. One with them performing again on a different set, with more equipment and flashing lights in the background, and the other exactly the same, intertwined with facial close-ups of Katie. The video was sent to MTV. Another video was made for the acoustic version.


Dizzee Rascal performed a version of this song in the Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1. Kate Nash also performed a version for a French radio station

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