Secrets of a Super Hacker

"Secrets of a Super Hacker is a fascinating hacker cookbook that reveals the ease of
penetrating even the most stalwart computer system."

-The San Francisco Chronicle
"Not often do the contents of a book match its cover hype, but here is one book
that comes closer than most. Secrets of a Super Hacker, by The Knightmare, is
billed as 'every security manager's worst nightmare.' It does, indeed, descend into
the realm of security managers’ darkest fears."

- Info security News
... step-by-step instructions in meaningful hacking [using] a personal computer."

- Booklist
"Excellent. This work will appeal to many, especially business professionals as the
networks and e-mail become more commonplace."

-The Reader's Review
"...the most specific, detailed, general-purpose guide to electronic shenanigans I've
seen. Recommended."

- Reading for Pleasure
"All 205 pages are loaded with clear, concise, and very devious information. It is
well-written, sprinkled with wit and the Knightmare's own personal experiences."

- Selected Book Reviews
"Sysops may find it necessary to read this one, especially if their callers read it

- BBS Magazine
"It's readable, interesting, informative, balanced, and accurate, with a nice spirit of
fun and swashbuckling!"

- on
"Secrets of a Super Hacker ... should be read by anyone who has the crazy notion
that his data is safe."

- ComputerWorld

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