Bantulah aku

Kalau sesiapa mempunyai kaedah untuk penyelesaian masalah ini, sila kemukakan pada aku. Aku pinta ye.

Masalah ini berlaku bila aku clik kat Local Disk C & D tu..


  1. hey nazra =) Cuba tanya pakar-pakar komputer di web ini:

    pasti ada solution

  2. ohh..yang ni mmg selalu jadik.cuba try tanyer pada

  3. virus tu..
    xcye? tgk ejaan dia..
    xpnah2 ada perkataan resycled..haha
    pstu ada plak kt dlm hard disk..
    tu bkn dlm internet ke? haha

    try google "c:\resycled\" pstu tgk hasil dia..hehe

  4. if nak bukak jugak, right click kat disk, then explore...

  5. Tu sebab your pc had been infected by virus. Even if the virus had been removed.. Some traces might still be there and those traces that bring that pop-up message. Try clean your pc with the best antivirus softwares. I suggest ESET NOD32 3.0.6XX or Bitdefender. Both are not free but you can use the trial version with latest update to scan your system. NOD32 offer daily online update even for a trial version. Then scan your registry by using Tuneup Utilities > 1-Click Maintenance or other registry cleaner softwares. Just Google them or via Try every features in the Tuneup Utilities softwares especially the Process Manager and analyze if there are weird running applications and you'll be able to remove viruses without having to format your pc. Also check your Start Menu > Startup folder. (Click start meny and find the Startup folder). Look if there any unusual entry.

    By looking at the picture, the application is in C:\resycled folder. Try open your drive C by using the explorer bar on top of My Computer folder or any folder and then remove the C:\resycled folder.


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