BPB - Technology Management, Production and Operation

Dear my fellow classmates, it's a little bit shocked but we have to accept it that the time has come for us to finish our study, find our own way in job. Only then when we have a faith, we can meet again in the future. All this 3 and half year, there have so many story, activities, happiness, fighting, argument we had. The good memories still remain as long as the bad memories too but we only a human that created by God. This path that we walk together have make us become more brave to conquer the world. For me, you guys are the bus stop in my long path inside my life. What we have been done together, either it is good or bad, have gave me so much knowledge in improving my thought, my mental strong and willingness to do things that I don't have a brave to do.

For the good and bad time, memories still remain!~
Degree of Technology Management
Production and Operation,
University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Johor
Together We Unite~!

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