The Great Spy Experiment

waaaaa really fall in love with this band!
They are great!
I took this from their myspace site

The plan was simple. Get two guitars, a bass, a keyboard and a drumset. And rock. Five different people. One common goal:
To change the face of Singapore music.

Easily the hottest and most exciting new band in Singapore right now, the Great Spy Experiment have come a long way since their first gig in a dive bar in March 2005. Drawing influences from musicians as diverse as Ash, Explosions in the Sky, The Killers, Underworld, Franz Ferdinand, Mansun, Sigur Ros, Metallica, Radiohead, Kent, Force Vomit, Supergrass, Muse, Suede and Interpol, the band’s music can only be described as ‘a champagne-fuelled orgy of powerpop, indie, rock and dance, informed by everything except J-Lo’. As much guitar-led as it is beat-driven, with indie riffs juxtaposing irresistable pop hooks, and dance textures overlaying dance-able rock-grooves, the music is created with the dancefloor in mind and the bedroom at heart.

In spite of having only an independently-released single to their name, the band has gone from virtual unknowns to the nation’s indie darlings, all within the span of just over a year, thanks to their incessant gigging and electrifying live performances, some of which include internationally renowned events such as the Baybeats and Zouk festivals. In March, the band travelled to the USA where they tore the stages at the South-by-Southwest Festival in Austin, as the first Singaporean representatives in the 21-year old event, and the San Antonio Indie Fest and rocked the airwaves with live radio showcases in the two cities, garnering numerous fans along the way. In April, the band travelled to the USA again, this time to perform at New York’s Central Park, making yet another slice of history as the first Singaporean band to take the stage at the renowned venue. This month sees them being the sole Singaporean representatives at the inaugural SingFest held at Fort Canning Park.

The Great Spy Experiment release their debut album, “Flower Show Riots” on 3 September 2007. Recorded at Snakeweed Studio, the album is co-produced by Leonard Soosay and Wayne Thunder (The Suns), and was mastered in New York by Howie Weinberg, a renowned engineer who has worked with Muse, Franz Ferdinand, the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Billy Corgan and many, many more acclaimed artistes.

As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the most eagerly anticipated local releases ever. Trust me. Based on what I’ve heard and seen from their live shows, listeners will be in for a good ol’ rocking treat. -

Flower Show Riots is a confident and assured debut and music fans everywhere should sample its varied delights. – Pop Culture Press

Flower Show Riots sounds really good and stands up easily to any modern rock LP you may care to point out on the Billboard Album Charts. Not a claim one can honestly make with reference to a Singapore band but I believe that there’s no exaggeration to declare Flower Show Riots a minor tour de force. –

Singaporean indie music has never sounded this superb. - TODAY

A dance-rock killer that will slay both dance anoraks and indie scenesters. A keeper. - Life!

The Great Spy Experiment's album, “Flower Show Riots” is now available at HMV, Sembawang Music, Gramophone, and all good record stores!! Get it now!

Welcome to the flower show.

September 2007


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