Parit Raja, Johor, Malaysia

Dear Parit Raja, Johor..
Thanks for all the experience, memory that you have gave to me. Now I'm not regret anymore and don't keep asking myself why I was sent to this town, far away from my own hometown. There have so many flashback that come while I'm typing this, but all you have done to me, I'm really appreciate it. You have make me adult and teach me about independent, be brave, try to make mistake and learned from it.
All that will never come to me if I don't take an opportunity to come here, Parit Raja, Johor..

For the good and bad times, memories still remains~!
01-10, Flat 4 Tingkat, Taman Bunga Cempaka Biru,
Jln Kristal,
Parit Raja,
Johor, Malaysia.

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