Hanazakari no Kimitachi e

I've been watched the Hana Kimi Taiwanese series, now i know that Hana Kimi Japanese series are in it track of screening! Really curious to watch the Japanese version because the Taiwanese series have much funnier episodes.

I have found the Hana Kimi official website but unfortunately, it is in Japanese! How am i supposed to read it! Waaaaa i can't!

The synopsis :
The drama is based on the popular manga of the same name by Nakajo Hisaya, which has already been dramatized in Taiwan. Horikita plays the protagonist Ashiya Mizuki, a Japanese girl in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi (Oguri) compete in the high jump on television. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi E - The Dramas!

Amazingly enough, after the manga series ended, the story was picked up again and made into not one, but TWO live action dramas! The first was in Taiwan, and then one in Japan!


In the winter of 2006, "Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu", a live action drama version of Hana-Kimi, began airing in Taiwan. It stars well-known Taiwan singer/actress Ella as Lu Rui Xi (Mizuki), Wu Chun as Zuo Yi Quan (Sano), Jiro Wang as Xiu Yi (Nakatsu). This series ran for 15 episodes, and a second season is planned!

The drama does a fairly good job at following the manga storyline. A few events are condensed, but for the most part they cover the essentials. They even do a good job at matching the floorplan of Sano and Mizuki's room! I think Ella looks okay as Mizuki, but her acting is a bit too exaggerated for me at first. She spends most of her time making these stupid goofy faces. I think I would like her more if she played the part a little more seriously. Jiro is AWESOME as Nakatsu though, and Wu Zun is hot as Sano *_* It took a few episodes for me to get used to the over-acting, but I soon came to love this show, and I can't wait for season 2!

I will eventually add synopses of the epsidoes here

Some basic info about the drama:


  • Ella - Lu Rui Xi (Mizuki)
  • Wu Chun - Zuo Yi Quan (Sano)
  • Jiro Wang - Jin Xiu Yi (Nakatsu)
  • Tang Yu Zhe - Liang Si Nan (Nanba-sempai)
  • Tang Zhi Ping - Mei Tian (Umeda-sensei)
  • Zhang Hao Ming - Wang Tian Si (Tennouji)
  • Duncan - Yuan Qiu Ye (Akiha)
  • Ruan Jing Tian - Shen Le (Kagurazaka Makoto)
  • Joelle Lu - Abby
  • JJ Lin - Lu Jing Xi (Shizuki)

Opening theme: Zen Me Ban by S.H.E (Ella is a member of S.H.E)
Ending theme song: Zhuan Shu Tian Shi by TANK

A few screencaps:


The Japanese Hana Kimi drama began on July 3, 2007 and has quite an attractive cast. It lives up to its tagline of 'Ikemen Paradise' It is slated for 12 episodes, which is a pretty good number for a Japanese drama. After watching 7 episodes, I have to say that while there are some things I like about this version, over-all I think I prefer the Taiwan one. I think this Japanese version has changed too much from the manga plot, and some of the casting bothers me. Actually, in a perfect world, I would combine my favorite actors from the Taiwan version and the Japanese version into one all-star cast Horikita Maki is pretty good as Mizuki and Ikuta Touma is amusing as Nakatsu, but Oguri Shun is a bit too emo for Sano, in my opinio


  • Horikita Maki - Ashiya Mizuki
  • Oguri Shun - Sano Izumi
  • Ikuta Toma - Nakatsu Shuichi
  • Mizushima Hiro - Namba Minami
  • Yamamoto Yusuke - Kayashima Taiki
  • Kimura Ryou - Senri Nakao
  • Ishigaki Yuuma - Megumi Tennouji
  • Kyo Nobuo - Masao Himejima
  • Kamikawa Takaya - Hokuto Umeda
  • Konno Mahiru - Akiha Hara

Opening theme: Ikenai Taiyou by Orange Range
Ending theme: PEACH by Otsuka Ai

A few screencaps:

Credit to :
© Hisaya Nakajo

It seems that i really fall in love with this Hana Kimi series and i prefer Taiwanese series as i don't have an opportunity to watch Japanese series yet! Hehe

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