[Sweet Relationship] Bloody Car Accident Scene Scared Viewers

[Sweet Relationship] Bloody Car Accident Scene Scared Viewers

Since its premiere at CTS, "Delicious Relationship" gained wide support from many drama fans. In the preview for the next episode aired last Sunday, however, a reportedly-overly-realistic scene describing a car accident triggered much debate online among viewers. Comments such as "I gotta calm down" and "It's too scary!" were found on online bulletins. When asked for his response, Director Winnie smilingly dismissed these comments: "Viewers should be horrified; I intended for my drama to be realistic enough."

The slow-cooking romance between zai zai's character and Patty Hou's made many viewers laugh and cry when they watch "Delicious Relationship". But the car accident scene that described the targic death of Takahashi's (Zhi-tian's rival) girlfriend horrified many fans. In the scene, the character was almost run over by a car which she dodged; and as she was staring the car/driver in anger, Takahashi's girlfriend got hit by a second car and was killed instantly.

Many viewers complained online that the scene was too horrifying and realistic; they stated this was unseen before in other idol dramas. They left behind comments such as: "I'm a little uncomfortable now when crossing the streets", "It's like a horror movie. I was so stunned!" and "Does it have to be this horrific?" Among the complaints were also compliments such as "What a new milestone for car accident scenes in TW dramas!". To the complaints and compliments, Director Winnie responded: "In my dramas, both sad and happy scenes are realistic; accident scenes of course have to look real too!"

Source: Apple Daily/Tw 2007.11.10
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