Sarimah Ibrahim

Currently i'm listening to one of the Sarimah Ibrahim's song and these word crossing my mind, "where is she now?"
It is a long time backward that i don't listened to her news..but maybe because before this i tend to not know what she is doing. But i admit, i love her song that why while i'm listening to her song, i started typing her name on Google,hehe..
Now i know that she have a MSN group site and i have to register MSN mail to known about her! Haha..never did it before this!
Now, i have been registered with MSN, enter her MSN group site and realized that she's now somewhere on Dubai and New York..wonder why her MSN group site didn't update yet until now. Maybe she's busy. The last time she updated it was on 25th September 2007.

Television presenter, singer and actress Sarimah Ibrahim tied the knot with her Australian beau Amir Andrew Browning in Ireland early in May. The marriage took place in the presence of family members and close friends at the Dublin Mosque on 13 May 2007, followed by a reception in Killkenny on the following day.

"It was a quiet wedding but I'm very happy that my family members in Ireland and Amir's family from Brisbane were able to attend it," Sarimah said. "It meant a lot to me. The wedding was in Ireland as I wanted my younger sibling, who had just recovered from leukaemia, to attend it." Sarimah is currently pursuing a psychology degree in Help University while juggling with her busy schedule in the entertainment scene

DOB : 19th February 1978
Place Of Birth : Dublin, Ireland
Parents : Father from Johor & Mother from Ireland
Award :
  1. Anugerah Era 2002 - Artis Harapan Pilihan
  2. AIM 2002- Best New Artiste
  3. APH 2002- DJ and TV Presenter
  4. FHM 100 Sexiest Women


  1. cannot tahan her voice and gelagat. Her voice is so bising and piercing. Asyik jerit aje. Heard she is also a jalang, rampas some other malay girl's bf, Amir, who is now her husband. taubatlah.

  2. SARIMAH SEKARANG HOS EKSKLUSIF ASTRO RIA..check out Friendster fan club...she has hosted Diary AF 2 yrs mana ada jalangla beb...Suami dia ngan dia dah 8 tahun lah..masa i remaja pun i pernah terserempak ngan dia ngan my family masa tuh kat 1 u...sama Amir gak...fitnah je kerja muluuut..masin nanti ko yg kena...hahaha

  3. i love sarimah too..she is so funny and beautifullllllllllll my brother met her once and she is so u kak mah :)

  4. i love sarimah too..she is so funny and beautifullllllllllll my brother met her once and she is so u kak mah :)


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