Yesterday I've learned that, you only have to speak when "it" deserved you to speak.
What is "it"?
People, circumstances..anything i guess..
Don't speak or don't even give an opinion to people who don't deserved it.
Because your opinion will be thrown away just like a rubbish!
And don't help others if they don't ask it from you..
But then we will asking ourselves, if we don't help others, what happen when we need help?
Well my answer is, NO ONE WILL HELP YOU!!
Maybe there have a good person that will help you when it comes to a day that you have a problem, but maybe there are not..
Fate..your own fate..
And why is hard for human, people to say thank you after they asking for any help?
Is it hard to say "THANK YOU"??
If it is hard, then what make it become "HARD"???
Where can I get the answer?

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