Kedah - Hutan Lipur Sungai Sedim

Sungai Sedim is a recreational forest about 30 km northeast of Kulim. The area is being privately developed into an extreme sports recreational centre with sporting activities such as whitewater rafting and tubing. Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts to Sungai Sedim will delight in the flora of the rainforest. A canopy walk has recently been constructed to offer visitors the opportunity to get closer to the trees.

If you have not been to Sungai Sedim, it isn't very easy to locate. You need some patience to negotiate through long country paths, through rubber and fruit plantations before arriving there. However, for people who come to seek the solitude and be close to nature, Sungai Sedim is a good place to sit and simply enjoy the cold running water over your feet.

Sungai Sedim is located off Kulim, in South Kedah. To reach it from Penang, take the Butterworth-Kulim Highway till the end, and look for the roadsign pointing to Hutan Rekreasi Sungai Sedim. For a long while you will pass through fruit plantation, through a very narrow country road before you finally arrive at the recreational area.

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