Laksa Penang (dedicated to Kawichic)


600g laksa noodles (rice noodles)(you can get it easily from supermarkets - especially in Malaysia), scald in hot water and drain


· lkg mackerel

· A pinch of salt

· 2000ml water

(B) Spices to grind finely:

· 6-7 fresh chillies

· 4-5 dried chillies

· 1 small piece galangal

· 2cm fresh turmeric

· 20 shallots

· 2 cloves garlic

· 6 candlenuts


· 5 stalks Thai basil leaves

· 1 ginger flower, cut lengthwise

· 5-4 stalks serai(lemon grass), smashed

Mix and strain:

· 50g tamarind

· 250ml water

· 4 pieces dried tamarind skin

· 1/2 cm piece belacan (it’s so convenient to use this, instead of roasting a piece of belacan) belacan = shrimp paste

· Salt and monosodium glutamate to taste

(D) Garnishing:
Slice thinly:

· 100g pineapple

· 1 cucumber

· 2 ginger flower - cut into halves

· 3 red chillies

· 2 big onions

· 200g lettuce

· Mint leaves

· Enough sticky black prawn paste (hayko) - dissolve in a little hot water


Boil mackerel with the water. When mackerel is cooked remove it from the stock and flake it. Leave water (mackerel stock) in the pot.

Add (B) and (C) in the mackerel stock and simmer until it reaches the desired consistency. Put in flaked mackerel meat and keep the laksa gravy over a moderate heat.

Put laksa noodles into serving bowls. Spoon the laksa gravy over and garnish with (D). Serve hot with a little prawn paste.


  1. Thanks so much for the recipe and dedication that was so sweet of you. It would be hard to get Ginger Flower in Hong Kong can I substitute it with anything else? I didn't think Malay food included Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) only mostly Chinese? MSG is sooo bad for you so I will be leaving this out. But with all the other ingredients I am sure it will taste fantastic. Thanks again.

  2. aaaaaa forgot already..only in south east asia u can find ginger flower..but the ginger flower,malay put it in Laksa Penang to make it smells more delicious. if u don't put it,actually nothing wrong happen. the taste still won't change..just lost a little smell of laksa Penang =]
    actually malay food do put MSG..but maybe not too much. just a little bit only. so all the best. hope to hear from u soon =]


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