Kedah - Merdeka Beach

Kedah is also endowed with a beautiful 1 km stretch of white sandy beach known as Pantai Merdeka, approximately 60 km south of Alor Setar. This enchanting beach is shaded by tall swaying palms, under which one may spend leisurely hours - picnicking or just lazing the hours away, Water skiing and sailing are also popular along this stretch of coastal water. The mountains and hills of Kedah offer a number of lovely picnic spots set within verdant greenery, cool mountain streams and the invigorating freshness of the mountain air.

Pantai Merdeka (Merdeka Beach), the most popular beach in Kedah, is located in Kuala Muda. It is a beautiful white sandy beach with tall palm trees and ideal spots for picnics and relaxation. Water skiing and sailing are popular sports here. Nearby islands like Pulau Bidan, Pulau Telur and Pulau Song are easily accessible by boat. You can also explore a cave with historical artefacts close to the beach area.

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