Kedah - Seri Perigi

Seri Perigi is located 5 km from Yan or 35 km from Alor Setar.
This recreational forest is particularly unique because it has the highest waterfall in the state of Kedah. The pounding and splashing of water over 100 m of steep slopes seems endless.

This splendid waterfall can be observed from the road as you travel from Guar Chempedak to Yan Kecil. Along the journey to this recreational forest you will be able to behold the scenic views of paddy fields, fruit orchards and traditional Malay Villages. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest.
There is also a solid rock cliff that provides entertainment for those who enjoys tough and challenging activities. The main plant species found here are meranti melantai, meranti langgong, meranti tembaga and palms.

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  1. can u find it for me the history of hutan lipur seri perigi because now i doing my research or u can help me to find where can i get that such information?


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