Kedah - Mount Keriang

The Gunung Keriang Recreational Park, a natural habitat for hundreds of tree and plant species, is a great retreat from city life. It offers a wonderful panoramic view and adventure activities like jungle trekking and camping. Gua Keriang (Keriang Cave) is also interesting to explore.

"This is an ideal spot for trekkers and campers to flex their muscles while enjoying the view."

Located 10km from Alor Setar, the park is a good area for jungle trekking and camping. Gua Keriang, a cave located nearby is worth checking out. You can enjoy the day's walk and at the same time, explore your adventurous side. You can even bring your family along to enjoy the beautiful view.

If you are not into caves and dark places, you can just opt to sit at the park while napping the afternoon away. Also located in the vicinity, is the Padi Museum.

Gunung Keriang is a small recreational park with a limestone outcrop. There are nine climbing routes established on the hill.

For more information, please contact the Tourism Malaysia office at 604-7312322 / 604-7301322 or the State Economic Planning office at 604-7007113.

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