Kedah - Zahir mosque

Officially opened in 1912, this state Mosque is an architectural landmark as it is one of the largest and grandest mosques in Malaysia.
Built in the tradition of the Moorish architecture, it has numerous arches and columns that are an epitome of grandeur. The state of Kedah's reading competition is held in the premises of the Mosque. The competitors are reading than from the Koran.

The mosque was built in 1912, a contributory effort of YTM Tunku Mahmud Ibni Almarhum Sultan Tajuddin Mukarram Shah. The site of this mosque was the cemetery of Kedah warriors who had died while defending Kedah from the Siamese in 1821. The architecture of the mosque was inspired by the AZIZI Mosque in Langkat town in north Sumatra. This mosque is enhanced with five prime large domes symbolizing the five Islamic principles.

Its official opening ceremony was held on Friday, 15 October 1915 by the late HRH Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah. Tunku Mahmud read the Friday sermon while HRH Sultan Abdul Hamid Shah led the Friday prayer. Behind Zahir Mosque is the Syariah Court building complex and Pre-School for Children aged below 6 years old.

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