Gila betul aku kt lagu ni skang.
selalu sgt diputarkan kt Xfresh FM.


Nama band nya adalah Joanna & Co.
Memang best sgt.

Dipetik dari Joanna & Co. nya Mespes

Joanna & Co was first formed in 2006 when Joanna was discovered on a local radio station, XfreshFM by local producers bard and arab. Herewith, assembled Ijam, Aril and Farid for Joanna. They instantly found music chemistry and a brother-sister bond that made them inseparable.

Joanna Renisa is a 22 year old rock princess, born to rock the stage and shake her tail feathers. Her infectious smiles and famous crowd teasing moments melts the hearts of men and lesbians. This singer/songwriter first started singing profesionally with an RnB girl group called Harmonee at the age of 7 at hotel events for kids. She soon rocked out of the girl group and into a band named after her :)

Ijam, the coolest guitarist in the band (that’s because he is the only guitarist in the band) plays an important role when it comes to song writing. 80% of Joanna & Co’s songs are composed by Ijam and Joanna. Therefore, he is the coolest. Ijam is currently playing for other local underground bands like Freygyle, Elm Kids and etc etc. Ijam is an icon when it comes to combing hair. Jaws of all ages falls flat on the ground whenever they see Ijam’s hair combing routine.

Farid looks like he eats kids; but he really is a funny guy. Everywhere he goes people calls him "brader", its either because his brother billy is hot, or because he looks like everyone’s brother. Farid joined the band in early 2007 when the previous drummer was too chicken shit to play for Joanna & Co. Farid was pulled by Ijam and it was a blessing that Joanna & Co is finally settled after the lost of the chicken shit drummer who stole cds. According to Joanna, Farid has really good taste in music and he deserves the spotlight in the band. However, this funnyman is reported to be very shy.

Kusha is the last puzzle that perfected Joanna & Co. His mad bass skills makes people wanna be him or wanna be WITH him. Kusha's lips contradicts with his hands. He doesn’t talk much but yet his fingers can pluck mad tunes. There are no other way for me, to describe how CRAZY this dude is. You just have to come down and see him for yourself. I swear, he will blow ur mind away. And as far as questions asked towards Kusha about his mad skills, a humble Kusha said "No Comment."

Ini lirik lagu "Aku Pelangi"

Ku selalu dihati,
Membuai rayumu,
Hiasi dunia sepimu.
Seukir senyuman dariku,
Menggegarkan mayamu,
Kau segalanya bagiku.

Takkan setia,
Takkan kembali,
Bawa dirimu dan tinggalkanku.

Buka matamu,
Lihatlah diriku,
Aku pelangi,
yang dinanti.

Ku sinar cahayamu,
Di saat indahmu,
Juga waktu resahmu.
Ku lukisan imagimu,
Kini kau membisu,
Setelah ku tiada.

Berharap bayangku pulang,
Nikamati tiadaku.


  1. Nazra...kak tirana dah jadi pelangi senja...hahahaha... Nazra masih jadi pelangi pagi..kui..kui..kui..

  2. hehe. pelangi senja lg byk pngalaman, sis tirana. naz baru ja nk kutip2 pngalaman =]


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